commercial real estate Singapore

commercial real estate Singapore

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Commercial Real Estate Singapore
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Commercial Real Estate in Singapore

The process of buying and selling commercial real estate in Singapore is a bit more tedious than dealing with other types of properties. Since there is so much more involved you need professional help. The best commercial real estate investments are those that you can make money from without selling, even if your final intent is to resell.

TIP ! Location, location, location. When looking for an investment property such as commercial real estate, you should be much more concerned about the location than you are about the amenities offered by the property.
For example, commercial properties such as retail shops, warehouses, factory space, that are already being rented or leased give you a source of income that covers upkeep and repairs while you prepare the property for resale. Learn the formulas that apply to commercial real estate deals in Singapore. When buying residential properties, you might rely on certain rules of thumb, such as buying a property at 75 percent of its value after repairs, minus the cost of the repairs. Commercial property has the added complexity of cash flows, so get to know the applicable formulas. You will need to understand cap rates, net operating income and know what the comparables are doing. Always read and understand your lease agreement. Verify whether or not certain costs, like property taxes, snow removal, landscaping, maintenance, utilities, trash collection, cleaning, insurance are included in the lease agreement. We can help you. Learn more about our comprehensive, integrated services for all of your Singapore commercial real estate needs.

A Tip for Real Estate Investors

To succeed as a commercial property investor, you will need patience. If you have prior experience in residential real estate, you will notice that everything in commercial real estate tends to take a lot longer. The purchase process, renovation of the property, and selling the property all take a significant amount of time. You will have to adjust and be more patient to avoid making bad decisions with your commercial real estate.

commercial real estate

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